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    .Venetian Terrazzo,

    a Family Heritage




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    Nowadays the terms Venetian Floorings or Venetian Terrazzo are used to describe any surface covered with crushed marble chips, selected in dimension and colour, manually spread to create homogeneous surfaces or patiently laid to realize stunning patterns.


    The origin of Terrazzo is uncertain but it is well known that this type of flooring reached its highest splendour in Venice, both for its quality and artistic features. Artisan teams, all of Friulan origin, worked in Venice since the 15th century. At the beginning they carried out the “Pastelloni”, floorings made of Cocciopesto, then they started to insert increasingly denser marble chips and formerly to make precious and refined decorations.


    Since 1840 Osvaldo Cancian had already been working in Venice only to later bring his craftmanship all over Europe. We don’t have any document that states that he inherited this job from his father, just as it commonly was in those days, but it’s quite sure that this happened (this picture shows him at Saint Petersburg). Between the two World Wars, Giuseppe Cancian worked in the Netherlands, then he moved to Friuli and later moved to Verona, where our company is still based nowadays.


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    The traditional art of Cancian's Venetian Terrazzo is reinvented into new forms of expression.


    Nowadays Cancian Pavimenti is structured in all its components in order to allow us to operate all over the world satisfying all possible requests. Since 2008 Cancian Pavimenti has also diversified its production capacity with a section dedicated to the customized precast Terrazzo and Palladian floorings. Any client’s need or architect’s design becomes our mission. We produce large format slabs, internally reinforced by a fiberglass mesh, which are then calibrated, grinded with a polished or honed finishing and then supplied ready to be installed. In this way we are able to give the clients a product that offers results impossible to achieve during the typical on situ manufacturing, often due to its logistic difficulties and time constraints.


    And so Veneziantica was born, an innovative system of large slabs that combines high craftsmanship with simple and quick laying techniques, having thus obvious advantages.

    Veneziantica is:



    The use of different materials and the huge range of colours and decorations allow limitless aesthetic variations.



    You can choose the size and type of laying



    Transport and installation can be optimized, reducing time and costs.



    The project is exclusively carried out in our firm In Italy



    The raw material is totally natural without any type of resins

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  • Services

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    The highest standards in every single phase.

    Carrying on a tradition is an art. It requires a complete craftmanship and a deep knowledge of the techniques and the materials, starting from the initial projecting phase


    We start from the project and the floor drawing, then we move to the material selection and its preparation.

    The overall layout is then dimensioned and correlated to the internal spaces. The designer plans the reference points and the traces that will be essential for Terrazzo makers.




    The planning of a precast flooring has to be consistent with the knowledge related to the building technology.

    The overall layout has to be skilfully split in modules easy to be realized, transported and handled on the construction site. Once laid down, the final overall view has to remind the spectator of the idea of a monolithic flooring.

    The wise distribuition of the grout lines and the relationship between them and the overall drawing represent the real challenge for the designer

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    We support your creativity

    Our technical department supports the designers during all the phases.

    We help them step by step until their ideas and creativity can transform themselves into the final product.

    We provide advice supplying technical drawings for the CNC machines and laying plans. We number the slabs in order to be transported, handled and laid down following the correct sequence.

    Otherwise, we can just give the designers all the information to allow them to be able to manage even the technical part independently

    The experience gained during the years allows us to suggest the best way to optimize times and costs.



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